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Welcome to Plant Avenue

Hello, fellow garden-lovers and Costa devotees! At plant avenue, we’ve created an easy, dedicated place for Australian gardeners to buy and sell plants online. It’s for everyone, whether you’re an avid home gardener selling your cuttings or orchids, or a professional nursery selling rare monsteras. Forget Gumtree’s messy bulk listings and often sad-looking plants, plant avenue is a platform that is ALL ABOUT PLANTS. It’s created for plant lovers, by plant lovers.

All plants are welcome, from indoor plants to established young trees. And it’s dead-easy. All you have to do is set up a free profile and list your plants. Join our friendly community as a seller, or just jump on and browse our listings!


About Us

We’re a special breed, us mad gardeners. (And yes, if you’re here, you’re one of us. Don’t try and fight it. Don those trusty gloves, join that Monty Don fan club, and wave your trowel in the air.) We realised that with so many of us across Australia spending every spare minute in our gardens and obsessing every-so-slightly over the weather forecast, that we needed somewhere we can go that is dedicated purely to plant sales within our incredible community.